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Staying Active in Cold Weather

It’s so tempting to hibernate during the winter months isn’t it? The weather outside is cold and damp. There may or may not be snow and ice on the ground. Any sane person would just stay inside until late March and drink their weight in hot cocoa, right? Wrong! Winter time is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t stay cooped up in your house until spring. Get outside and enjoy the season. All you need is the right gear and the right attitude. 🙂

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The Right Gear

The right gear is essential if you plan on staying active in the cold weather. Once your body starts getting cold, you won’t enjoy your activity, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise. Invest in the right gear so that you can stay active and enjoy your adventures!

  • thermal base layers

  • fleece lined top and pants

  • performance socks

  • wind breaking zip up jacket

  • thermal face warmer

  • ear warmers

  • gloves

  • sunglasses (wind protection)

For tips on the right gear for all-season adventuring check out this post! 


There are tons of outdoor activities that you can enjoy during the colder months. Some of these are my favorites and others are not. The important part is to find what you enjoy and do it!


When I was younger, I loved riding my bike. Fast forward about 25 years, and the love for my bike had all but disappeared. In July 2016, I got a wild hair to start riding a bike again. Thankfully my husband wanted to start this adventure with me. A year and a half later, we still love cycling new trails and in our neighborhood.

It won’t be easy at first. You have to train your body from being a couch potato to actually having a heart pumping workout. You can turn your life around by adding 30-45 minutes of physical activity to your daily or almost daily routine.

If cycling sounds like something you may be interested in then read my post on cycling for beginners and budgeters. Cycling doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few essentials, you can start adding muscle tone to your body and adding years to your life in no time.

Cycling During Winter

Cycling for beginners

The gear that was listed at the top is perfect for cycling. You don’t need too many layers because you will work up a sweat. The main areas that should be layered are your core, your feet, and your head. Here are some Do’s and Don’t for cycling in the winter:


  •  wear a toboggan or skull cap

  • wear the right socks or layer socks

  • keep your core warm with fleece lined long sleeve shirt

  • wear fleece lined leggings

  • layer a light pull-over on top of your shirt

  • wear a wind-proof zip-up jacket

  • take a filled water bottle with you

  • wear thick gloves

  • wear protective sunglasses and protective lip balm

  • a fitted “ski” mask

  • wear reflective clothing

  • take a cell phone with you in case of emergency


  • wear bulky clothing that could get caught  and cause injury

  • forget to layer on your legs with tights or tall socks

  • wear cotton socks with mesh tennis shoes (trust me, your feet will freeze)

  • forget to wear a helmet

  • wear too many layers, you will sweat

  • forget to check your air pressure in your tires

  • think that you don’t need water just because it’s cold outside

  • forget to turn your bike lights on (it’s darker this time of year)


Hiking is a  great option for staying active during the colder months. You can see a variety of sights, get exercise, and enjoy time in the great outdoors. As long as you dress in the appropriate gear, bring a backpack with necessities, and watch the weather beforehand, then you will have a great hiking adventure! Some of the necessities that you should have in your pack include:

  • binoculars

  • gloves

  • water

  • high protein snacks

  • paper map of the area

  • flashlight

  • portable phone charging station

  • camera

  • GoPro

  • first-aid kit

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Jogging is another great option for staying active during winter. If you use the same layering technique as when you cycle, you should keep your body temperature up enough to be comfortable. Always jog against the traffic flow. Also, make sure your surrounding area isn’t isolated for safety purposes. If you are going to listen to music while you jog, then you should keep one ear bud out of your ear so that you hear the traffic and are aware of your surroundings.

Intentional Walking (even if it’s laps around a shopping center)

Fast-walking is an underrated active activity. While you are shopping or at work, you can burn calories by being intention with your walking. Keep your core muscles tightened while you walk. Pay attention to your arms, flex them while you walk. Put some power into your steps so that you can get your heart rate up!

Indoor Work-Out Videos

Pilates and core workouts are good options for indoor work-out videos. It provides your body a good stretch while toning areas that may not be effected during your other activities. My favorite DVDs were purchased for a few dollars in the work-out section of Walmart. Budget-friendly for sure. 🙂


You can typically find great deals on gym memberships for the new year and into spring time. Before committing to a gym membership, make sure that you have some type of accountability partner so that you aren’t wasting money on a gym membership that you rarely use.

Clean the House (Yes, that counts.)

clean kitchen for company

Cleaning the house can be a great work-out. If the weather is absolutely too ridiculous to conquer then try power cleaning your home. Turn on some music that is upbeat and be intention with your body movements. Always keep your core tightened to increase the muscle strength and tone. Turn your boring chores into a heart pumping work-out by adjusting it. Grab your mop or broom and do oblique twists. Do some bur-pees while you are washing dishes (wash a dish, do a bur-pee, repeat).

Reasons to Stay Active in Cold Weather

  • mental health

  • avoid sickness

  • burn calories-stay healthy

  • enjoy your surroundings

  • see new sights/have adventures

  • get a jump start on your summer body

How do you stay active in cold weather? Let me know in the comments, or email me so I can add it to my list! 🙂

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