No-Spend Weekend-Winter Edition

What is a no-spend weekend? Well, a no-spend weekend consists of activities that cost you absolutely nothing. It’s refreshing to have a weekend where you aren’t spending a dime. No matter what time of year, you can find fun and free activities to do indoors and outdoors.


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Outdoors-No-Spend Weekend Activities

-Hike a trail-Hiking trails is a great way to spend a weekend. No cost, and you get a great workout and epic Instagram worthy photos!

-Walk around downtown-Most towns have adorable down town areas. Throw on a scarf, grab your camera, and enjoy the “small town feel” of your home town.


-Go for a bike ride-Bike riding is so invigorating in the winter time. Wear layers of fleece lined compression pants and tops, a face mask, ear warmers, and gloves. Your body will work up a sweat so don’t overdo it with the warm clothes. For more tips on cycling, check out this post!

If you need more ideas for outdoor activities for cold weather then check out this post!

-Visit a park-Parks are not just for warm weather. You can enjoy parks during any season. Bundle up, grab a book and some coffee, and walk to a great park bench. Your body will thank you for the fresh air. 🙂 Autumn is another great time of year to go to a park and walk downtown, see more about free weekend activities for the fall!

-Have a picnic-Packing a picnic is so much fun. You get to use the storage containers and thermoses that don’t see the light of day very often. Search Pinterest for some great picnic food. Since it will be cold, think of yummy treats like:

  • hot soup in a thermos

  • warm beverages like hot cocoa and coffee

  • grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon

-Identify wild birds in your yard-Are you a bird watcher? I know, I know, I used to be a skeptic too, but there is something so relaxing about watching the birds. You can set out bird seed and identify the various birds that you attract. Using a bird book is fun too. 🙂

-Find local events-Yes, there are great events in December that are filled with twinkly lights and Santa Claus, but there are fun events in January and February as well. Check your state’s website to find the free events going on near you. Check out my post about planning a wonderful winter getaway!

-Clean out the garage/shed-This one may not sound fun, but it is necessary. Starting out a new year is best when you have an organized home and garage to start with. Grab the trash bags and get to organizing while you are budget friendly on your no-spend weekend! Want more helpful posts? Check out my top useful posts of 2017.

-Have a bonfire-Cold weather is the perfect time to dust out that fire pit and sit around the fire.

-Roast marshmallows/hot dogs outside-While you are sitting around the fire, don’t forget to roast some marshmallows for s’mores and hot dogs!

-Snuggle up and look at the stars on a clear night-The stars and moon are so clear in the winter sky. If you can find an area that doesn’t have any street lights then you will see the constellations clearly.

-Build a snowman-Of course you have to have snow for this one, but it a super fun free activity to do outside in the winter time.

-Explore your local state parks-Do you live in an area where you have an abundance of state parks? Arkansas is filled with state parks. Check out their site for events throughout the year!

state park events for no-spend weekend in winter

-Go on a nature walk and spot wildlife-See what types of animals and plants you can see this time of year during your no-spend weekend.

-Donate items to GoodWill-Haul that load of clothing and home decor that you have been saving to donate to Goodwill or another donation center of your choice.

-Make ice bubbles-This could be such a fun winter activity! Check it out!

Indoors-No-Spend Weekend Activities

-Make snow ice cream-How yummy is snow ice cream? I look forward to a good snow each year so that I can indulge in this winter treat! Keep a can of sweetened condensed milk on hand and vanilla extract. Those are the key ingredients in the creamy goodness. 🙂

-Read a book-Cozy up next to the fire with a good book. Winter time is the perfect time to start utilizing your library card. Go check out some books and get to reading!

-Binge watch a show on Netflix-Isn’t this a necessary activity during any season? 😉

-Make a list of goals for the new year-At the beginning of each year, it’s essential to reflect over the previous year to see what exactly you want to accomplish or work towards in the new year. For more information on how to set and attain your goals check out this post!

wonderful winter getaway

-Start planning your spring cleaning to-do list-It’s never too early to start thinking of spring cleaning. Evaluate your home while you are toasty inside and the weather is frigid outside, but you are practicing a no-spend weekend. See which areas need the most attention when the weather warms up.

-Bake something yummy-Baking is always a fun activity. Check out my dessert Pinterest board for inspiration!

pinterest desserts

-Volunteer at a shelter-The reason that shelters are so essential in the winter months is because there are tons of less fortunate people who are cold and hungry. Find a local shelter or food pantry to volunteer some time at.

-Plan your next trip-Vacation planning is always fun, but it can lift your spirits if you are a little down from the cold weather. It’s also a great way to spend a no-spend weekend. These posts can help you plan a  trip for any time of the year!

-Visit free museums near your hometown-Most towns have some type of a historical museum, house, or other historical markers. Even if it is small, it could hold a wealth of information about your town. Check it out!

-Deep clean your home-Winter time is a great time to deep clean those areas that haven’t been cleaned in a while. Wash those curtains, clean those base boards. 🙂 For more cleaning tips read this post.

-Decorate your home for the current season-Winter isn’t just a time for Christmas decorations. Simple winter whites, forest greens, and even pops of blue or red look great in January and February. See how to decorate your home on a budget for any season!

-Crank up the fireplace and enjoy a movie-Get a fire going in the fireplace and cuddle up to watch a movie or two. If you are like me then you have a large collection of DVDs that could use some dusting off. 🙂

-Cook a big breakfast on Saturday morning-Don’t you just love Saturday mornings? Drink as much coffee as you want, wake up when you want, and don’t stress about the time. Pure bliss.

-Bust out the board games-Lay a big comfy blanket on the floor and play some board games.

-Make some hot chocolate and drink it-Hot chocolate is a must when it’s cold. Forget the calories and enjoy this yummy beverage with extra marshmallows. 😉

-Plan your meals for the week-Meal planning is a habit that is very good to have. Start meal planning and save a ton of money on your next grocery bill. Learn more about that here:

Cut your grocery budget in half

-Stay in your pajamas all day-Need I say more?? 😉

-Window shop (link to Maven boards)-Maven is a great way to make some extra cash on the side. Just create boards and add your favorite items to the boards. You can make a commission when others purchase those items from your boards. Learn how to use Maven today!

christmas shopping on budget

How do you spend your winter days? Have you practiced a no-spend weekend yet? Let me know all about your favorite FREE activities in the comments below. 🙂

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