Christmas Party Planning on a Budget

Christmas time is the time for parties, gift exchanges, and more parties. Have you decided to host a Christmas party this year? Do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t stress! With these simple tips, you are sure to throw a fun and tasteful Christmas party for friends and family. 🙂

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What is Your Budget?

More than likely, this time of year you don’t have hundreds of extra dollars laying around to spend on a Christmas party. Budgets tend to be tight near the holidays. So how much money can you put aside for a party? $50? $100? Deciding your budget should be the very first step in the Christmas party planning process.

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How Many People?

The next factor that you need to consider when planning your Christmas party is how many people you will invite. Will it be a small party for your closest friends?

Date and Time

December is a very busy month for most people so you may want to mention your party to some of the potential guests and get a feel for the best date and time to have your party.

Not everyone will be able to make it so just prepare yourself, and go with the flow. 🙂 Enjoy those who can come and bless those who can’t. I typically plan Christmas parties on Friday evenings because Saturdays tend to be busy.


There are tons of free options out there, but I recommend using an app like Canva to create your invitation. It’s free, and you can use your own pictures! You can also download some free stock images if you don’t have your own. Save the photo to your images and text, email, Facebook, Tweet, or even snail mail your invitation.

You can also get a deal on boxes of Christmas invitations after Christmas so be sure and think ahead for next year! 🙂

Type of Food/Drink

Do you have a theme for your Christmas party? Is it a large group that is focused on an evening of caroling and enjoying a traditional Christmas? If so, then maybe offer hot cocoa, toppings, and cookies. For a smaller group, why not make finger foods that are filling but easy to eat? For a casual party, build a fire outside and roast marshmallows for s’mores!

Potluck Style or Not

Do you want your guests to be responsible for bringing any food? In the past, I have done it both ways. It typically depends on how many people will be attending and how much money you want to spend on the party. If a friend or family member offers to bring something then let them! 🙂 People who ask usually like to help.


Will your house be decorated for Christmas? If you are like me then your house decorations will be the last thing on your mind because it’s already decorated! If you are more of a minimalist then you can add simple holiday touches throughout your home to show that you put thought into the environment of your home.

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Seating Arrangement

If you have a large home then you probably don’t have to consider the seating arrangement very much. You home may be on the smaller side, if so then it is smart to think about where everyone will mingle, eat, and relax. If you have a smaller home you can:

  • utilize your outdoor space by adjusting furniture and adding outdoor curtains

  • rearrange your living room furniture

  • change the layout of your main table (make a buffet table instead)

  • remove unneeded furniture and throw pillows


What will the evening consist of? Will you have chestnuts roasting on the fire? What about singing Christmas carols with your closest friends and family? Throw in some games, a Christmas movie, and Christmas light viewing, and you have the perfect Christmas evening planned!

Favors to Take Home

Will you be handing out small favors to your guests as they leave? It doesn’t have to be an expensive favor. Here are some reasonably priced favors to give your guests:

How do you plan for your annual Christmas parties? Have you ever hosted one yourself? If not, what is the best Christmas event that you have attended and what was so awesome about it? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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