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Is it worth it to purchase a yearly membership from a warehouse store? I have been a member at Sam’s Club for about 6 years now, and I definitely think that it is worth the $45 yearly cost. What do I buy at our local warehouse store? For more budget tips for grocery shopping, check out these posts:

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Become a Sam’s Club Member and Start Saving Today

Dairy Products

warehouse eggs and dairy

Warehouse stores often sell dairy products for cheaper than most grocery stores. I love to stock up on shredded cheese. The cheese comes in 5 pound bags, and I like to divide it into quart sized plastic bags and freeze what we don’t use immediately. I’ve also seen great deals on eggs, coffee creamer, butter, and milk!


warehouse produce

You can find great deals on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially if you eat a lot of produce. Oranges and grapes are a favorite for the price for sure. You can also find great deals on bananas and seasonal fruits like pomegranates and cranberries.


Being a HUGE fan of all Tex-Mex food, we can put away some tortilla chips and salsa. The best brand for the best price is the large bag of On the Border tortilla chips for just a few bucks ($3.88 to be exact). The bags last a long time, and they are much cheaper than buying lots of smaller bags at our local grocery store.

Our favorite pub mix is also sold at Sam’s Club. For $7, you can purchase a huge plastic jug of the pub mix. It even has a resealable lid!

Paper Goods

warehouse paper goods

Other essentials that I purchase at our local warehouse store include paper towels, toilet paper, scented kitchen garbage bags. These items may not be a lot cheaper than other stores but buying in bulk prevents me from going to the store as often (which saves money).

Freezer Food

warehouse freezer products

I don’t purchase frozen items often, but when I do I can find a really good deal at warehouse stores. When cooking for a large group of people, there are plenty of easy foods like chicken cordon bleu that can easily be made into an awesome meal. If cook-out food is what you are looking for then grab a large box of their hot dogs and hamburgers. Their frozen appetizers are fantastic too. You will be all set for a great party!

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Pantry Items

You won’t see my shopping cart filled to the brim with pantry items when I shop at Sam’s Club. I purchase most of my pantry items at Kroger or Walmart. Some of the items that I do buy from our big box store are:

  • parmesan cheese

  • double pack of ranch dressing

  • double pack of A1 steak sauce

  • bulk size seasoning and spices


warehouse tires

Purchasing your gas from Sam’s Club or Costco can save you a TON. They typically have the cheapest gas prices plus you get a little extra off with your membership card.

I’ve also heard from numerous people that warehouse stores have great bargain prices for tires, tire rotation, and tire repair. It also includes free balance and rotation whenever you want and free flat repair for the usable life of the tires. For the first 3 years, you get 24 roadside tire change service.

Bakery Items

The bakery section always smells heavenly inside of Sam’s. The brownies, cookies, pies, cakes, and other pastries are delicious and baked fresh. There is no shame in bringing store-bought dessert items to parties and get togethers. Want more tips on hosting on a budget? Check out these posts!

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Clothing/Gift Cards

My husband finds the best clothes at Sam’s Club. The men’s clothing section is filled with high-end brands for low costs. Most of his Christmas presents come from Sam’s 🙂

Speaking of Christmas, you can usually snag some great deals on gift cards around the holidays. Don’t forget to visit Sam’s Club or Costco after Christmas. They mark down all of their Christmas foods 50-75% off! My favorites are flavored nuts, varieties of hot chocolate, and gourmet truffles. Yum!


warehouse medicines

Medicines are best purchased at warehouse stores. I buy our allergy medicine, acid reducer, and ibuprofen from Sam’s Club. I’ve shopped around and can’t find a better price for the large amount of pills that come in those bottles.

Cheap Day Date

There is something special about going to Sam’s or Costco on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. We usually turn it into a fun outing by getting our necessities first and then shopping around for potential Christmas or birthday gift ideas. You can feed two people for less than $10 at the snack bar. Talk about a cheap date! 🙂

Become a Sam’s Club Member and Start Saving Today

Do you have a membership at a warehouse store? What do you typically purchase on your shopping trips? Let me know!

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