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How to Keep Your Home Company Ready

 When people drop-by your home do you:

a.) run around your house like a frantic person trying to clean a month’s worth of clutter in 5 minutes?

b.) ignore the clutter?

c.) start crying?

d.) sit back and enjoy your company because your house is always company-ready?

You shouldn’t be stressed out, rushing around cleaning, or ignoring your clutter. Keep your home company ready by learning a few of my simple secrets.

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Cleaning Calendar

If you aren’t already using a cleaning calendar then I suggest you start using one today! It keeps me on track with my cleaning chores. If you break up your most-dreaded tasks then it won’t seem like a huge undertaking when you clean your house.

Download and print my cleaning calendar below!

Cleaning Calendar

Don’t Procrastinate

If possible, don’t procrastinate when it comes to cleaning your home. Make it a top priority. I try to tidy up first thing when I get home, then I get dinner started (read about how I meal plan here), and relax for the evening. If I try relaxing first then I can’t make myself be productive the rest of the evening. That’s just me. When I get into relaxation mode, there is no going back! 🙂


Time Management


Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get your to-do list complete? Time management is all about making goals and setting priorities. IF your goal is to keep your home company-ready then that will be a priority that you have for yourself each day. See how to manage and enjoy your day with these 15 tips! 


Don’t Pile it on the Table!

keep table clean for company

I don’t know about you, but my dining table and coffee table becomes a catch-all for mail, magazines, coupons, and anything that is carried inside the house. I have a small command center next to the door which helps, but I have to make myself use it, and keep it cleaned out.

It’s on my to-do list to create a better command center with different slots for various items. Keeping the kitchen table tidy makes the whole area seem clean and put together!


Keep Scented Candles Near

Scented candles can transform a space. A living room can go from drab to cozy just by lighting a candle. I love walking into a room with candles burning, especially in the fall and winter. I also use wax melts, but the candles just add a little more to the ambiance in a room. 🙂


Keep Surfaces Wiped Down

surfaces wiped down for company

There is nothing worse than people walking through your front door, and you seeing all of the spots that you forgot to dust or wipe down. Make it a habit to wipe down your furniture and counter tops each day. It doesn’t take long, but it can save you from a last-minute dusting job in the future. Those are the worst! :/


Place Throws/Blankets Near the Sitting Area

Blankets and throws make a room so cozy. If you have people at your house, they may be too embarrassed to tell you that they are freezing. I like to keep throws/blankets near the couch and chairs so that my friends and family can grab one if they need it. I typically keep a fan going for all of my warm-natured friends as well. 🙂


Throw in Fresh Elements

fresh flowers for company

No one is expecting you to rush out to the florist and buy an expensive bouquet of flowers to place on the table, but you can snip some greenery off of one of your bushes or grab a handful of wild flowers from the yard. No fresh flowers or greenery available? Add some twigs and pine cones to change it up. Any type of fresh flowers/greenery will make your home look alive and fresh.

For tips on the best flowers to plant for fresh cut-flowers check out this post! 


Get Rid of Stinky Dish Towels

If you are expecting company (or the possibility of company) then go through your house grabbing all of the kitchen and bathroom towels. Put out fresh dish towels and hand towels. This step is super simple but can be the difference between a guest using a stinky hand towel or not. :/


Keep the Microwave Clean

Have you ever forgotten about the chili that exploded in your microwave until you have guests over and open the microwave door. It looks like you murdered someone and placed them inside the microwave. Keep your microwave clean by placing a microwave-safe bowl with water and white vinegar in it for 10 minutes. The steam will clean your microwave, and you can just wipe it out!


Stock Your Pantry

This tip may be harder than the rest, especially if you meal plan and budget for groceries the way that I do. I try to keep some type of snacks on hand if someone stops by unannounced. Keeping a block of cream cheese, pepper jelly, and crackers could make a great appetizer for guests. You can also keep block cheddar cheese (We ALWAYS have that on hand), summer sausage, and grapes for guests to snack on.


Don’t Let Dishes Sit in the Sink

clean kitchen for company

If you make it a habit of washing your dishes or placing them in the dishwasher after each meal then you will always have a clean kitchen. Dishes piled in the sink make the whole kitchen look and feel dirty. I always feel so much better when I go to bed with a clean kitchen. If you make it a habit to rinse off your dishes and put them away then your home will stay company-ready!

For more simple cleaning tips give this post a read! 


Let Kids Help

Do you have kids? If so, then teach them at a young age how to pick up their toys and put them in their place. Are you running out of room due to too many toys? Donate them to a charity or have a yard sale. Try to keep kids’ toys in one area, like the bedroom. Purchase a chest to keep toys. Get rid of any toys that don’t fit in the chest. Larger toys should go in a designated area.


I strive to keep my home company-ready at all times. There have been several times when friends or family stop by, and I’m always so thankful that my house is clean when they arrive. Do you have any tips for keeping your home in tip-top shape for visitors and guests? Tell me all about them in the comments!

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