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15 Tips for Managing and Enjoying your Day

managing and enjoying your day

How can you manage and enjoy each day while being productive at the same time? For me, it’s all about managing your time and priorities.

One of my favorite quotes about time is, “Many things aren’t equal, but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make time for what we truly want.”

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1. Use a Planner

This seems like a simple suggestion…because it is! I was gifted a Happy Planner, and I love how customizable it is. You can add fitness trackers, financial organizers, meal planners, and tons of cute stickers. There are even pockets that you can attach. I use mine for coupons and invitations. I keep all of my meetings, appointments, lists, and events in this one planner. It not only keeps me organized, but it helps prevent me from putting too much on my plate. Order your own Happy Planner similar to mine! 

managing and enjoying your day

2. Utilize a Cleaning Calendar

To keep your home clean and stress-free, I recommend using a cleaning calendar. My secret is that I spend about 15 minutes a day tidying up. A little cleaning each day will prevent your house work from piling up. Read some of my other cleaning tips here. Don’t forget to print my cleaning calendar below!

Cleaning Calendar

3. Quiet Time: Prayer, Worship, Thankfulness

It’s essential to make time each day for prayer, worship, and giving thanks. My devotional and prayer time are vital for my day to run smoothly. When we take time to put Jesus first, others next, and ourselves last then everything comes into perspective. It’s not all about me. 🙂 When I take time to be grateful for all that God has done in my life, it makes me appreciate the little things that happen during my day even more.

4. Make To-Do Lists

I am a list person for sure. When it comes to making lists, it’s fun for me! Even if the list is short, it makes me feel accomplished to check tasks off of it. Not only does completing tasks on a to-do list help with feeling accomplished, but it also keeps you organized and helps to prioritize your time.


5. Find a Hobby

blog for money

It may seem counterproductive to mention finding a new hobby when I am giving advice on managing your day, but it’s essential that you have something that you enjoy during your day. It should be something that doesn’t feel like “work”.

My latest hobby since January has been my blog. I’ve tossed around the idea of blogging for a while now, but I finally decided to do and boy has it been a ride! Teaching yourself how to create, design, and maintain a blog is definitely a learning experience but a fun one!

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6. Do Something for Someone Else

Whether you are serving in your local church, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or cooking your hubby’s favorite meal, it makes you feel good to do something for someone else. It is healthy to think of others and make sacrifices for others. When you are going throughout your day try to be aware of the needs of those around you. It may be something as simple as a smile or a Sonic drink. 🙂


7. Leave Work at Work-Don’t Bring Stress Home

Since my husband and I are both teachers it is easy to get caught up talking about our work days or stressing over situations that we can’t change. There is nothing wrong with a vent session with your significant other, but don’t make it a habit to complain about work every day. Constant complaining can completely change the atmosphere in your home so try to keep it to a minimum. 🙂


8. Meal Planning-Cook at Home

cooking with cookbooks

It takes a little practice but once you get used to meal planning, creating menus, and making your groceries last longer, it is a lot less stressful than trying to figure out what to cook. It is also less stressful on your budget because you won’t be running to a restaurant or fast-food joint every day or so. Want to know how I save a ton of money on groceries? Read these related posts:

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Don’t forget to ease your cooking anxieties by reading some of my quick and easy cooking tips!  Be sure to print out my meal planner and grocery list printable. 🙂

Grocery Printable

9. Pick out your Clothes at Night

I know this one seems so simple, but I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is for me on the mornings when I am running late or just not feeling it to already have my outfit picked out for the day.  It takes a few minutes at night to pick out your outfit for the following day, but it can really start your day off on the the right foot. Sometimes it’s hard for me to think clearly in the morning so this tip is a life saver for me!

If you want tips on how I look trendy while staying on budget then check out this post.


10. Prioritize Your Time

Do you have a task on your to-do list that needs to be done now, or should you focus your attention on another project for the time being? Knowing what should be done now and what can wait is essential for managing and enjoying your days. I don’t always get everything done that I set out to accomplish for the day, but I complete the most important tasks first. Don’t feel guilty for moving a task to tomorrow or even next week. 🙂

11. Learn to Say No

You can ignore all of the rest of these time management tips(except for Jesus), if you would just do this ONE thing…learn to say no! I know that you are awesome and no matter how amazing you are, you can’t do everything! It’s ok, and it’s healthy to say no to people and commitments. The truth is that if you start saying yes to everyone and everything then one area or more will start to suffer.

Not only do you not need to commit to every planning committee, PTO meeting, women’s meeting, but you also need to set time aside for you. You need time somewhere in your week to relax. It’s healthy! The more you prioritize your time and practice NOT over committing yourself, the easier it will become to say no. Trust me.

12. Know When to Say Yes

Yes, it is important to be able to say no to over committing yourself, but it is also essential to know when it’s OK to say yes to meetings, events, and plans. If you need to, then make a list of all of your potential commitments. Rank them in order from most important to least important. See which commitments are most needed or most important for you (or others). Say yes to those!


13. Exercise-Get Active!

what every adventurer needs

Living an active lifestyle is not only essential for your health, but it’s so important for your day to run smoothly. It sounds crazy, but I always have MORE energy after riding bikes. Even if it’s a quick 30-minute ride, it makes me feel so much better. If you want to learn more about my favorite way of staying active while on a budget then check out this related reading:

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14. Know When to Splurge and When to Spend

Having a healthy budget will ensure that you manage and enjoy each of your days. It’s important to know when to skimp on certain things in your budget and when to splurge. To learn my favorite items to skimp and splurge check out these related readings:

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15. Take a Vacation

isla mujeres excursion

What can make you enjoy your day more than anticipating an upcoming vacation? I LOVE planning every aspect of our trips. I almost consider it a hobby. Finding fun restaurants and hidden gems in new places is like a treasure hunt. If you want to read more about how I like to plan our vacations while staying on budget then check out these posts:

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Do you have more tips that you use for managing and enjoying your days? Let me know in the comments!






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