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How to Use Maven and Make Money Doing It

earn using maven

Have you heard about Maven? Maven is a twin sister to Pinterest (and who doesn’t love Pinterest), but you can make money while using Maven. Learn why you should be using Maven today and how to earn money doing it! I’ve made $98 in 2 months just from Maven. I doubled my Maven account in one week! That doesn’t sound like much, but I didn’t have to work for that money at all!

*This page contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

How Does It Work?

When signing up with Maven  (which is free to do), you should first connect all of your social media outlets and complete your Maven profile. If you have a blog make sure that you type the URL into the “Your Blog URL” field. By adding accounts and your blog to your profile, the sites will appear as buttons on your public profile page which promotes your blog and social pages to Maven visitors!

maven profile

Once you complete your profile, you can start creating boards and saving your favorite products to the boards. When someone purchases a product off of your board then you earn a commission!

Mavelet Extension-As easy as shop and click

The easiest way to save your favorite products is by downloading the Mavelet extension for Google Chrome. First click on your username at the top right hand of the page. You should see “Get Mavelet” in the drop down menu. Click it and follow the directions by dragging the Mavelet button to the bookmark area of your browser.

mavelet for maven

You should see the Mavelet button right underneath your browser bar now. While shopping online, click on the product you want to save to your Maven boards, click the Mavelet button, and fill in the product information. It’s as simple as that!

maven product clipping

Maven vs. Pinterest

I have been an avid Pinterest user for 6 years now. Thousands of pins later, I still hadn’t made a dime from Pinterest. Pinterest is primarily used as a search engine for anything that your heart desires. It’s also great for getting your blog/business content in front of fresh eyes daily. See how I make Pinterest my workhorse here. 

maven boards

With all of the aspects that I LOVE about Pinterest, I didn’t start making money until I combined Maven and Pinterest! How do you combine the great tools of Pinterest with the money-making aspects of Maven?


Maven Enhances Other Social Media Outlets

Not only is Maven great when combined with Pinterest, but you can also enhance your other social media outlets. Once you connect the FAB 4 (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram) to your profile, you will promote your personal pages. You can also share your favorite products and your boards to all of your social media outlets with the click of a button!

maven sharing


Show Me the Money!

So how can you make money using Maven? There are several ways actually:

  • Make a commission on products that you save to your boards and other people purchase.

  • Make a commission on products that YOU purchase from YOUR own boards.

  • Refer others to join and make money (one of the easiest ways).

  • Recommend other bloggers to join Maven and earn $ when they join and a portion of their commission!

Another great aspect of using Maven is the low payment threshold. Once you make $20, you can have your money sent to you via PayPal or let it build up. How awesome is that? So many affiliate networks have high payment thresholds like $50-$100.

What do you think so far? Are you already an avid Maven user, or are you going to sign-up today? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. I was the same way a few months ago! When I started putting some effort into my account then I started seeing the dollars roll in. I still can’t believe I made almost $200 for September!! Thanks for your comment Deanna! 🙂

  1. Thanks for this post, I’m starting right now. Could you tell me how you connected pinterest boards which you wrote down here – Find group boards on Pinterest that accept affiliate links (Millennial Boss Network and The Lady Blog Project both do) and save individual items from your Maven boards to those group boards. – with you boards from Maven? Maybe i’m “blind” but i couldn’t find it. Please If you’ll be so kind, write me here:

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