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Are you a social media expert, or do your social media skills top out at liking and sharing a post? Do you want to use various social media outlets to boost your blog and become an expert of all things social media? You are in the right place!

For more blogging info and resources check out how to start a blog and the free resources that you NEED to be successful. 🙂


Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Why wouldn’t you want to utilize it to its full potential for your blog? Here are some simple ways that you can start crushing your Facebook game.

 Facebook Pages

This may seem like a no-brainer but make sure that you have created a Facebook page specifically for your blog. Your blog Facebook page should have:

  • a professional or semi-professional personal photo as the page profile picture

  • your blog logo/graphic as your Facebook cover photo

  • a CTA (call to action) button (mine says sign up and links to my blog)

  • an informative “about” section to describe what your blog is about and why people should “like” your Facebook page

  • invitations for your personal friends that would be interested in your information

  •  an updated page feed with your best content

  • large images to make your content stick out

Group Boards

If you haven’t joined Facebook group boards that are geared towards your niche then I suggest doing so today. You don’t have to be a part of 50 group boards. Choose 10 (or less) that you will be active in and that can offer a large audience for your blog content. Some of my favorite Facebook group boards are:

Make sure that you don’t share the same content across all of your Facebook groups. You are likely to have some of the same audience in the various groups. Instead, share a few options of your blog content to different groups. Be sure to read all of the rules for each group so that you don’t get kicked out.

Tell  a Story

When you are getting ready to post your content to your Facebook page draw your readers’ attention by telling them why your content is useful and how they can utilize it. People love to have their problems solved, so solve them!

Your posts don’t have to be three paragraphs long to intrigue your audience. Keep your posts short and sweet. Also, if you include a link in your post shorten the URL to keep it clean. If you use Hootsuite then there is URL shorten option for all of your links. Check it out!

Pay Attention to Your Audience

If you schedule your Facebook posts then pay attention to your audience. Is there a holiday coming up? Create a gift guide for your readers. It will make their lives easier when searching for gifts. Is it travel season? Share your best travel hack tips for your audience. They will be forever grateful!

Most Facebook groups have specific days to ask questions about blogging, etc. Read those comments and find ways to answer their questions! Share your most helpful blog posts (if allowed) to answer their questions. People are looking for answers and bloggers to trust. That can be you!

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be very tricky if they aren’t used correctly. FB ads are very targeted which is exactly what you want. You want your ads being seen by people that WANT to see your ads and that will benefit from seeing them.

facebook ads

  • What will you promote?

  • Set your audience (location, age, demographics)

  • Set your daily budget

  • Decide how long you want your promotion to run

  • Let the ad do its job!


Pinterest has the potential to drive a TON of traffic to your blog and business. Are you making it work for you? If you are wanting to up your Pinterest game then check out this DETAILED post to make Pinterest your workhorse!

 Business Account

You will get detailed stats about your pins if you use a business Pinterest page. Your Pinterest Profile will show a specific board at the top along with your picture when others view it.

pinterest business profile

Join Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are great ways to get your blog content out there! I like to type the subject that I am looking for into the search bar and then add “group board” after it. For example: “travel group board”. You can also filter your search to show boards only.

travel group board on pinterest

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest group boards:

Make sure that you read all the rules for each group board. Most of the ones that I am a part of have less strict rules than others. So you should definitely check out the group boards that I listed above. 🙂

Use Pretty Pictures

Make sure that you photos are pleasing to look at. Use Canva,  Snapseed,  or VSCO. Once your photos are gorgeous, then add fonts that will make your pin stand out from ALL of the others. Learn how to boost your blog with stunning graphics!

pretty pictures on pinterest

Adding your website to your Pinterest graphics is a great way to get people familiar with your name/brand.

Be Active and Share the Love

The Pinterest algorithm likes when you share others’ content. Sharing content from other bloggers is super easy because there are some truly amazing bloggers out there. One great way to share others’ content is to use Tailwind Tribes. Did you know that Tailwind Tribes are free to use?

Tailwind Tribes

Being an active member of tailwind tribes is a GREAT way to get your blog content pinned. and to see great content from others. Tailwind Tribes is free to use without having a paid subscription to Tailwind. You add your content to a tribe so that it can be pinned by others. In return, you follow the rules of the tribe and repin others content.

Want to become a part of a Tailwind Tribe? Join my tribe! If you blog about lifestyle topics, travel, or blog/social media training then you will fit right in! 🙂

  • To add content from your blog or Pinterest to your tribe quickly make sure that you download the Tailwind Chrome Extension!

  • Once you have downloaded the Tailwind Chrome Extension you can hover over images, click on the blue Tailwind icon, and add pins to your tribe in one click.

  • Choose the tribe that you want to look at from the drop down box. Choose pins that you want to Add to Queue for scheduling. Pick which Pinterest group boards you want to pin to. That’s it!

Tailwind Scheduling

Tailwind is the perfect way to get your content pinned and going viral. Let’s face it, who has time to manually pin your content ALL DAY LONG? For your pins to be seen they need to be pinned throughout the day. The cool thing about Tailwind is that it tells you exactly which times of the day your pins will get more engagement (repins) and impressions (views).  How will Tailwind make Pinterest your workhorse? Go read ALL about it here!


Instagram is perfect for the blogger who loves to take photos. You can gain traction and an audience pretty quickly with Instagram if you follow a few simple tricks.

instagram to grow your blog

Use Hashtags

Find hashtags that are relevant to your photos and the audience that you are wanting to attract. *Hint* don’t use a lot of “spammy” hashtags unless you want a ton of annoying spam accounts leaving vague and generalized comments on your photos. Some of my most used hashtags are:

  • #lifestylebloggers

  • #wordpressblogger

  • #bloggingday

  • #instablogger

  • #girlboss

  • #bloggerbabe

Reach Out and Find Your Niche

Over a year ago I was a part of a growing group on Insta that focused on home decor. I met a ton of great women through that niche. These women share photos of their gorgeous homes with their unique decor tastes.

I found that group using hashtags. I also connected with the women by commenting on their gorgeous photos and even messaging them about hashtag “contests”. This was a tight group, and I was grateful to be a part of it.

There is also a HUGE group of lifestyle bloggers sharing their great photos on Instagram. Reach out and connect with them. 

Join Hashtag Contests

Does your niche have hashtags to use that will get your photos seen by a larger audience? Pay attention to the hashtags that others use. Click on them and investigate. 🙂 Some contests are as simple as posting a picture with a certain theme like taking a photo of your “work space” or sharing a photo of your favorite coffee beverage.

There are TONS of these hashtags. Choose a handful that you can easily participate in and get your name and gorgeous photos out there!

Take Pretty Pictures

Instagram users like pretty pictures. They also like unique angles, intriguing filters, and interesting settings. It’s not hard to take a great Instagram photo, but you do need to know what your audience likes. Try these popular ideas for your next IG photo and boost your engagement:

  • flat lay photos of your work space

  • photo of your coffee cup in front of an interesting background (brick walls, cool graffiti walls, etc.)

  • ANY travel destination

  • unique photo of food/beverage

Link Tree

Link Tree as a blog resource

Have you discovered Link Tree yet? It is this amazing tool that allows you to have a link in your Instagram bio that links to a page with as many blog post URLs as you want! No more having to change your bio link when you create a new blog post. It’s super easy and QUICK to set up.

Join Instagram Like Pods

Instagram pods are a great way to get interaction and engagement on your Instagram posts. An IG pod is where you follow a group of people in similar niches. Everyone that is in the pod commits to liking and commenting on the posts of the other members of the group. I am only a member of one group, but it has opened up my audience and given me more post engagement.


twitter for blog audience

Twitter  is another outlet to share your amazing blog content and boost your views. The Twitter moves very fast, and your content can be lost almost immediately. There are some tips you can follow that will ensure a better following on Twitter.

  • Use hashtags so that your content can be found on the Twitter feed.

  • Add photos to your tweets so that they stand out!

  • Use GIF images that fit with your niche (people love GIFs).

  • Join Twitter chat groups on specific days of the week

  • Retweet others and reply to their tweets as well


Google+ is one social media outlet that I am still learning about. I know that it is essential to foster because Google is the most used search engine. The more that you use Google+, share your content others’ content, the more likely it is that others will see your content first during a Google search. Make sure that you join groups and create Google+ circles for organizational purposes and for a broader audience. If anyone has tips and tricks for using Google+ then I would love to hear them in the comment section!


Graphics are essential for all social media and networking sites. You can ensure that all of your graphics are fit with the right dimensions by using sites like Canva and Fotor. Check out my extensive post about graphics and how to use them to boost your blog audience!

Schedule, Refresh, Post at Optimal Times

  • Are you using a social media scheduler? If you aren’t then I highly suggest Hootsuite. It is FREE to use and is very user-friendly. I use it for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is great to boost your blog views.

  • Keep your social media feeds/streams fresh with new content. You don’t have to share tons of content from others. Revamp your feeds by giving some of your older posts a boost.

  • Post at optimal times. Facebook=Early in the morning, lunch time, after dinner | Pinterest=Early morning, lunch time, and late night | Instagram=lunch time and after dinner | Twitter=lunch time | Google+=Lunch time

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social media infographic

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