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Make Pinterest Your Workhorse

Make Pinterest Your Workhorse

pinterest working for you


Pinterest has potential to be the main driver of traffic to your blog and business if used correctly. If you are new to the Pinterest world or if you feel like you haven’t made it work for your blog and business yet then you are in the right place. Want to become a social media expert? Read all about that in this post! 


*This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


Use Vertical Images for Pins

You have probably heard this one numerous times, but I still see many pins from bloggers that are horizontal. In fact, many people  take this one so seriously that they will skip over pinning your content if you don’t have vertical images to pin.

How do you make vertical images? I use photo editing apps and websites to adjust each of my images to the preferred size for that social media outlet. For more advice on creating beautiful graphics read this post.

  • Canva is a great option for creating vertical images for Pinterest.

  • Fotor is another option for photo editing.

Look at this  screen shot of my Pinterest search of “horizontal pins”. The vertical images fit so much better into the layout of Pinterest. 

horizontal pins on pinterest


Change Your Pinterest Account to Business

Why should you switch your Pinterest account from personal to business? You will get detailed stats about your pins if you use a business Pinterest page. Your Pinterest Profile will show a specific board at the top along with your picture when others view it.

pinterest business profile

Add Descriptions to Your Boards

Pinterest boards are searched and found by how you describe your various boards. It does take a little time if you have a ton of boards (more on that later), but it is very important. Go through each of your boards and click “Edit”. Type up a description of what will be found on that specific board.

pinterest board descriptions


Delete Your Irrelevant Boards OR Make Them Secret

If you are like me and have been on Pinterest since it was invitation only, you have probably accumulated a TON of boards. I went through all of my boards when I started utilizing Pinterest for my blog and deleted boards that I never use. The ones that I kept but are irrelevant to my audience I made into a “Secret” board. Secret boards remain hidden to others, but you are still able to pin to them.


Use a Personal Photo on Your Profile

Graphics and logos are great for branding and marketing, but I love seeing someone’s face on their Pinterest profile. It just gives you a peek into their personality which starts a type of relationship with them. Have someone take a photo of you with an interesting background to make it stick out. 🙂


Create Covers for Your Boards

pinterest covers

My public Pinterest boards all have a cover image that I created on Fotor. Once you create your image that will show uniformity on your profile then you can click on each board and select what you want to show as your cover image. Your profile will look more professional, and it will be unique when compared to thousands of other Pinterest profiles.


Validate and Apply for Rich Pins

Rich pins give people more information directly related to your pin. There are four types of rich pins: app, article, recipe, and product. Choose any page on your site to copy and paste the URL into the validation box. You only have to validate one page from your site. All of your pins will be rich throughout your entire domain!

rich pins on pinterest


Use Keywords

When you are typing up the descriptions for your pins make sure that you are filling the description with SEO friendly keywords. I like to separate my keywords like this:

Keywords | Optimize | Pins | Increase | Blog Traffic |

Just make sure that your content pins, and the pins from others have keyword rich descriptions before you pin them to your boards.


Pin Pretty Pictures

Ugly pictures and graphics are NOT going to go viral. Make sure that you photos are pleasing to look at. Use filters on Canva,  Snapseed,  or VSCO. Once your photos are gorgeous, then add some cool fonts that will make your pin stand out from ALL of the others.  I use Canva for most of my Pinterest graphics.

pretty pictures on pinterest

Adding your website to your Pinterest graphics is a great way to get people familiar with your name/brand.


Hovering Pinterest Button on Images

If you want people to pin your amazing content, you need to make it easy for them to do so. The WordPress plugin Shareaholic is great for sharing on social media. This free plugin adds a “Pin” button on top of your images. It also has floating share buttons that you can customize on your pages.

hovering pinterest button

Make sure that you place your pinnable images (beautiful, vertical images with descriptive text) at the very top or very bottom of your posts. I place mine at the top of all of my posts so that there is no question which image should be pinned.  Many bloggers place theirs at the bottom along with a heading “Pin These” or “Pinnable Images”. Visit a few blogs and see if their pinnable images are easy to find.  What did you like about their image placement? What would you change? That will help you make your blog more user-friendly.

Share the Love

Did you know that Pinterest likes when you share other peoples’ content? Make sure that you are pinning great content from fellow bloggers. I don’t know if you are guilty of this like I am, but don’t pin something without clicking on the URL to see where it leads. There is spammy content floating around Pinterest. If it’s not spam then it may lead to a broken link. Take a few seconds to click on the pin before re-pinning it to one of your boards. This will help alleviate some of the “bad pins” that are surfacing.


How Do You Get Your Pins Shared?

Use Facebook Groups

If you haven’t started joining Facebook groups that focus on blogging then I suggest you do it ASAP. Most groups have specific days that they allow you to promote various social media outlets. Pay attention to those days and start sharing your pins and always follow the group rules. Here are some of my favorite Facebook groups.

Don’t feel guilty about leaving a Facebook group. If it isn’t a healthy group or if you don’t see any benefits from being a part of it then leave it. Your time is precious, and your blog is important. Find the group that is right for you and your blog!


Find Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are great ways to get your blog content out there! I like to type the subject that I am looking for into the search bar and then add “group board” after it. For example: “travel group board”. You can also filter your search to show boards only.

travel group board on pinterest

When you are joining groups make sure to only join and contribute to healthy boards. If board are not getting much interaction or are filled with irrelevant/unappealing pins then it will not drive much traffic to your blog. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest group boards:


Tailwind Tribes

Being an active member of tailwind tribes is a GREAT way to get your blog content pinned. Tailwind Tribes is free to use without having a paid subscription to Tailwind. You add your content to a tribe so that it can be pinned by others. In return, you follow the rules of the tribe and repin others content. The typical rule is for every one pin of yours that you add to the tribe, you share one or two of someone else’s content; a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio.

tailwind tribes for pinterest

Tailwind Tribes opens up your blog to a whole new audience. It’s also very easy to use.

Want to become a part of a Tailwind Tribe? Join my tribe! If you blog about lifestyle topics, travel, or blog/social media training then you will fit right in! 🙂

  • To add content from your blog or Pinterest to your tribe quickly make sure that you download the Tailwind Chrome Extension!

  • Once you have downloaded the Tailwind Chrome Extension you can hover over images, click on the blue Tailwind icon, and add pins to your tribe in one click.

tailwind hover for pinterest

  • Click the Add to Tribes button. To schedule, click the Add to Queue Now button.

add to tribe

  • Select the tribe(s) that you want the pin added to.

    tailwind tribe

  • The number on the left is how many of your own pins you have added to that tribe. The number on the right is how many pins you have shared of others’ content. The red triangle means that you have already added that content to the tribe.

  • To add others’ content you need to be on the dashboard section of Tailwind.

    tailwind tribe

  • Choose the tribe that you want to look at from the drop down box. Choose pins that you want to Add to Queue for scheduling. Pick which Pinterest group boards you want to pin to. That’s it!


Tailwind is the perfect way to get your content pinned and going viral. Let’s face it, who has time to manually pin your content ALL DAY LONG? For your pins to be seen they need to be pinned throughout the day. The cool thing about Tailwind is that it tells you exactly which times of the day your pins will get more engagement (repins) and impressions (views).  How will Tailwind make Pinterest your workhorse?

1. Best Time to Pin

Connect your Pinterest account to Tailwind, and it will tell you the best times of the day to receive traffic and engagement on your pins. It will tell you when your audience is the most engaged and active on Pinterest. How cool is that? You don’t even have to think about it.

tailwind best times to pin

The green slots are the “best times” for engagement from my audience. The white areas are other times that my audience is engaged that I could add to my schedule by simply clicking the boxes.


2. Board Lists

Creating board lists saves so much time! Let’s say that you are a part of 7 (or 70) Pinterest group boards that focus on lifestyle pins only. You can create a “board list” for those groups and name the list. Now any time you want a pin scheduled for those boards you just click on that list, and it will schedule the pin for all of the boards on that list!

tailwind board lists


3. Unlimited Pins

Why did I choose Tailwind over other pin schedulers? I was able to try out Tailwind for FREE, without giving my credit card number. Once I tried it out I was hooked. Another huge reason is that the annual Tailwind Plus plan allows you to schedule and pin an UNLIMITED amount of pins. The cost is $10 a month for the annual plan. For a month-to-month option you can pin up to 400 pins.

I looked at Board Booster and tried it out for a short while. I just didn’t fall in love with the massive amount of secret boards that had to be created for it to work. Also, the price for only 1,000 pins a month was the same as Tailwind’s plan that is UNLIMITED pins.

Why not try out Tailwind for free today?

4. Detailed Insights about Boards/Pins

The board/profile insights is where you will find a TON of information about how well your boards are doing and how many repins you are receiving. It even has information about the group boards that you are a part of!

tailwind insights


5. Interval Pinning

If you contribute to a lot of boards with similar niches, then you will want to utilize the interval pinning tool. It allows you to post your pins to different boards based on your timing.  You can space out your pins to post a few days apart to increase your chances of your pins being seen and repinned. When you are ready to pin some content, you will click “use interval” to the left of the “add to queue” button. Then you will be able to set how far apart you want your pin repinned to your chosen group boards.

interval pinning tailwind

6. Shuffle/Lock Your Pins

If you need to move your pins around then all you have to do is shuffle your queue. It will not mess up which pins are being pinned to certain group boards. All it will effect is the time they are pinned. You can also lock your pins by setting a custom time for you pins or using the interval pinning option. Both of those options will lock your pins into place.

shuffle queue on tailwind


7. You Can Trust Tailwind

Not only is Tailwind one of the few partners that abides by Pinterest’s terms of use (which means Pinterest is less likely to shut them down), but they also provide extra spam protection. If you accidentally pin someone’s content that is spammy, Tailwind will catch if for you before it posts your pin and will send you an alert about the suspicious pin. That means that you spend less time trying to click every single pin that you share!


Try Tailwind for FREE

Tailwind is free to sign-up for, and you are able to use all of the features of a “plus plan” before you subscribe.

tailwind pricing

Here is the breakdown of cost for using Tailwind along with what is included.

If you ever have questions or concerns about Tailwind, they have a very friendly and helpful customer service team. I sent an email with a question when I first began using Tailwind, and my email was responded to within an hour or so. You can’t beat that! Try out Tailwind today for free and receive $15 off by using this link!

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