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The Ultimate Travel Companion:Ozark Trail Backpack

Travel with Ozark Trail Choteau Backpack


A backpack doesn’t have to cost the same as a new laptop computer to be efficient and useful. The ultimate travel companion for day trips, hiking, cycling, 2 weeks in Kauai, a weekend getaway, and everything in between is the Ozark Trail 35L Choteau Daypack.

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Backpack Hunt

I began searching for the “perfect” backpack several months ago. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but I KNEW that I wouldn’t spend an arm and a leg (imagine me being budget-wise ha). The Google searches began, and I found that there are many types and sizes of packs. I preferred one that would fit under an airplane seat so the size mattered. That narrowed down my search.

Once I narrowed it down to a mid-sized pack, I made a list of other features that I wanted the pack to have. Some of the features that I listed were:

  • a cooler pocket for food/drinks

  • hydration compatible

  • roomy inside pockets

  • water bottle pockets (on side)

  • bright colors for safety

There are NOT many packs that have the cooler pocket. When we bike or hike trails it is essential to have a cooler pocket. That narrowed my search down to this one: the ultimate travel companion.


versatility of backpack

This pack is very versatile. It can be quite compact if you don’t stuff it full. It can also handle a large load of items, food, equipment, etc. Here are the specs from the Walmart website:

  • 35-liter capacity

  • Heavy-duty ripstop material

  • Thermal-insulated pocket to keep your food and drinks fresh (This is a necessity!)

  • Hydration-compatible

  • Multiple storage compartments for added gear storage and organization

  • Fleece-lined sunglasses pocket (How awesome is that?!)

  • 2 water bottle pockets

  • Compression straps to help stabilize the load and minimize the pack profile

  • Interior storage sleeve securely holds a hydration reservoir, laptop or tablet

  • Air-mesh padded shoulder straps and back panel for extra comfort (I didn’t know I needed this, but I did.)

  • Airflow back panel system

  • Adjustable sternum straps for added support

  • Color: gray/black/orange Ozark backpack

  • Made of 90 percent polyester, 5 percent ABS and 5 percent metal

  • Hand wash only

Thermal-Insulated Pocket

There is enough room inside the thermal-insulated pocket for two sandwiches, fruit, and chips. It’s a good sized pocket. I will be putting a small ice pack inside the zippered pocket.

Hydration Compatible

Hydration compatible

The hydration bladder is not included with the backpack, but Walmart has several options for various price ranges to choose from. See below.


When you are outdoors in the summer time (especially in the south), you will need more than a couple of water bottles to hydrate. The hydration bladders hold various amounts, but most hold at least 2L of water.


I purchased this hydration bladder. I love it because you can freeze the gel, and it keeps your water cool for up to 4 hours! It’s great quality too.


Compartments for Organization


Ozark Trail backpack from Walmart

It was important for my backpack to have large and small zippered compartment for organizational purposes. For traveling, I always take paper confirmations just in case technology fails me. The papers fit perfectly in the small zippered compartment. There is also space for cellphones, ipods, pens, etc. The velcro flap is fleece-lined for sunglasses.

The larger pocket can hold GoPro equipment, clothes, camera, and any other accessories that may be along for the trip.


Safety: Bright Colors (bikes, trails, etc.)


If you have ever ridden a bike, jogged, or did any outdoor activity early in the morning or at dusk then you understand the importance of bright colors. Bright colors could be the difference between getting hit by a car or living to ride another day. Seriously. This backpack comes in a few different colors. I loved the contrast of the orange and gray. Here are the other options:


Safety: Secure around body 

ozark trail backpack from walmart

Another safety feature that this backpack has are the compression straps, adjustable sternum straps, and support straps. The compression straps are to help stabilize a load and minimize the pack profile. The adjustable sternum straps and support straps ensure that your body is safe while climbing, cycling, jogging, or whatever the activity may be.


 Personal Item on Flight (under seat)

This pack is the perfect size to fit under the seat on an airplane. If you are planning a trip soon then look up the airline guidelines for the seat sizes. This pack will fit under most domestic airline seats. You should verify that with your airline of choice. See how I used this backpack for our latest travels!

Packing a Carry-on 

Planning an Epic Trip to Kauai Part 1 and Part 2


For Everyone

This backpack is for everyone. It’s great for the outdoorsy types that are active. It’s also great for the traveler who needs some organization. It can even be used for new moms who like keeping milk and snacks cold in the thermal-insulated pocket. You won’t regret this purchase! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂

28 thoughts on “The Ultimate Travel Companion:Ozark Trail Backpack

  1. These days I *only* buy luggage or bags with organisation inside them, it really makes all the difference. I’ve been loyal to Osprey packs for a while now but this ticks all the boxes too..

  2. The thermal pocket is pretty cool! I haven’t seen a backpack with that feature before 🙂 And 35L is a solid size. Haha and yeah, breathable straps and a back panel are essential if you’re going to be active! It’s pretty miserable having sweat stuck between your back and your pack!

  3. I always used to underestimate backpacks until I’ve started running. You don’t know what you’re missing out on unless you’ve tried a proper one! My boyfriend recently ran a 100k race and I swear if he didn’t have a proper backpack he’d totally not make it! x

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