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Gorgeous Landscaping on a Budget


landscaping on a budget

Some homes seem like they have it all together. It’s not because it is the biggest house or the house with the best paint color. The landscaping of a home brings out ALL of the curb appeal.

I used to think that people paid loads of money to have pretty yards. Now I know that all it takes is a good plan, a budget, and some creativity.

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Interested in gardening? Learn how to garden on a budget!

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Take Inventory

The very first step in creating beautiful landscaping is taking inventory of the plants/flowers that are currently in the yard or bed. Why is that important? Well, when we first purchased our home, I had many visions of what needed to be in our yard or flower bed. Not all of our flowers did as well as I had planned. 🙁

At the beginning of 2017, we decided to make over some of our flower beds. The first thing that we did was walk around the yard to see what wasn’t thriving in its current environment and if it could be transplanted. Many of our boxwood bushes (bought on clearance) and irises will do better with more sun so we transplanted them. You may find that there are several plants in your yard that simply need to be relocated.

Transplanting previously owned plants=FREE


Plan Before You Purchase

I love picking out flowers and plants from the local stores! That is why I HAVE to go with a plan, or I will buy items that I didn’t intend to purchase (and have no place for). I am not an artist, but my husband can sketch out ideas. If you don’t have anyone around to sketch then try out this free landscaping tool from Better Homes and Garden.

Once the plan was drawn up, we were able to see how many plants/flowers we needed to purchase to get the look that we wanted. Having a plan is always the best idea.

Sketching or using landscaping tool=FREE


Price Before You Buy

gorgeous landscaping on a budget

It takes many trips to local gardens and stores to get the best price. I like keeping my list of plants/flowers in my purse at all times so I can swing by and price them when it’s convenient for me.

Pricing the plants allows me to make a rough budget of what it will cost. This year we expanded our flower bed and bought new border so we had to price around and budget for that as well.

Pricing plants=FREE



Brick border for landscaping

After many trips to our local home improvement stores, we decided on brick pavers for our flower bed borders. These cost 62 cents each, but since we are re-working all of our flower beds we purchased the bulk amount so it changed to 56 cents each. This was a bigger purchase once we bought Quik-crete and mortar, but this was the look we wanted for our beds.

Buying border/edging=prices may vary (buy in bulk)


Sweat Equity

landscape on a budget

Have you ever watched the home improvement shows that mention “sweat equity”? That is a fancy way of saying put in the work, and you will add equity to your home. My husband is such a handy man. He did all of the brick work for our flower bed improvements.

Can you teach yourself how to put down your own border/edging? Watch some You-tube videos, and get to work. You will save a ton of money by DIYing some landscaping projects.

Sweat equity/DIY projects=FREE


Perennials versus Annuals

landscaping on a budget
Peonies are beautiful perennials.

Perennials are flowers that don’t have to be replaced each year. Annuals are flowers that need to be replaced every year (annually). Perennials are the best, in my opinion, because I only have to purchase them once. I typically use annuals to fill in any empty spaces in the flower bed.

favorite perennials

Some of my favorite perennials include:

  • clematis vine

  • creeping jenny

  • day lilies

  • irises

  • hostas

  • jasmine vine

  • knockout rose bushes

  • mint

  • mums

  • peonies

  • spirea bush (bridal veil)

  • vinca vine

Spirea bush (bridal veil) is beautiful.

Perennials=more bang for your buck

Annuals=cheaper on the front end

Plant Care

plant care for landscaping on a budget

Certain plants require more care than others. I personally love the plants that are very low maintenance. Most annuals that you plant will have to be watered daily if you live in the south (hot summers). That is another reason why I love perennials. Once they mature a little they don’t have to be watered often.

It is a good idea to routinely check your plants for possible diseases that can attach to the leaves. Also, check for insects. We have to dust with Sevin Dust and fertilize our plants a few times every summer.

Sevin Dust and Miracle Gro Plant Food=$18.65

Share the Love

My favorite way to get new plants is to ask family members if they have any that they would like to share. Some plants are SUPER easy to transplant or divide. I have irises in my yard that are very old because my mom received them from her aunt.

Planting flowers from family members are not only cost efficient, but they have sentimental value as well. Here are some of the plants that are easily transplanted.

  • bleeding heart

  • cannas

  • honeysuckle vines

  • irises

  • most bushes

  • peonies

Family/friend transplants=FREE


Buy Soil/Mulch in Bulk

Have you ever priced bags of soil and mulch? It can add up QUICKLY. If you have a large area to cover then I suggest buying soil and mulch in bulk. For only $35 we were able to get enough mulch for all of our beds. Mulch isn’t a necessity, but it does hold moisture in the soil and reduce weeds. Both of those are pluses in my book. The soil was priced similarly to the mulch. Fertilizer can be purchased in bulk at stores like Sam’s Club.

Soil/mulch/fertilizer bought in bulk=$30-$40 each to cover a yard

Start from Seeds/Bulbs

landscaping on a budget landscaping on a budget

Seed packets are so cheap! If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse then you can start all of your plants from seeds. This is definitely the cheaper route. If a greenhouse isn’t an option then you can use a sun-room or other warm, sunny place can also be used to start growing plants from seeds.

Some flowers can be started from seeds if planted early in the season. I grow zinnias from seeds every year. They are very hardy plants and are super easy to grow.

Growing from seeds=TONS cheaper


Plant “Cut” Flowers

cut flowers for landscaping
Zinnias are great cut flowers.

Cut flowers are flowers that you can easily cut to bring inside the home. I love having fresh flowers in our home. Planting cut flowers will save money from florists or grocery stores. Here are some of my favorite (and some that I want to try) cut flowers to plant.

  • baby’s breath

  • cone flowers

  • cosmos

  • daisies

  • gladiolus

  • marigolds

  • peonies

  • sweet pea

  • zinnias

A gorgeous landscape doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These tips can save you precious time and money. How do you budget for landscaping? Do you have any awesome plants that I didn’t list? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂


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    1. haha! It’s not for everyone! 😉 Thanks for your feedback. Maybe you can get a fern and give it another try. 🙂

    1. I would have never thought that it would be something that I enjoy, but I love it. I hope that you can enjoy it one day too. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks so much! We are still working on ours so I will post some updates when we are finished. Share yours too! 🙂

  1. Oh no! Why did I only just find your blog now? There are some really great tips in here. I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to sorting a garden out (only recently have a garden) and I made the mistake last year of not buying perennials. I didn’t know that (now I do), so will definitely be scouting your website for more tips!

    1. Thanks Justine! I’m so glad that is has helped you! Yes, perennials are my best friend, and I’m glad that you know about them now. They are definitely the most cost efficient! Thanks so much for your feedback!

    1. Thanks Danielle! Yes, we plant flowers and vegetables every year. It’s therapeutic to get your hands dirty. 🙂

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