Cycling for Beginners and Budgeters

 Cycling for Beginners and Budgeters


cycling on a budget

Do you need to live a more active lifestyle? More than likely the answer is yes, don’t we all?! Cycling is a great way to get heart healthy, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Check out my tips for cycling for beginners and budgeters!

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Cycling=Getting Active


Cycling for beginners
                              Our bikes, AKA “The Schwinn Twins”

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a cycling expert. I will also add in that one of our bikes is used, and the other was purchased from Wal-Mart.

We started riding our bikes in July 2016. We live in the south so it was scorching hot outside. What made me want to get active in the middle of the summer? Our Kauai trip that we had recently booked. I knew that if we wanted to hike trails, walk long distances and not feel exhausted, that we needed to get our tails in gear. . . literally!


My Gear


Cycling with Schwinn

My bike is actually considered a mountain bike, but it works just fine on our roads. The main difference that I have noticed is that my husband’s bike goes a lot faster down hill because of his skinny road bike tires.

I was pretty stubborn when it came to purchasing this bike. I already had a bike that I received as a gift in high school but had never really ridden it. It didn’t have any gears. That bike made it through a few long rides and then it went to bike heaven. It couldn’t hold up with the steep hills and long miles that we were putting in it through. I haven’t regretted purchasing this bike since.

Along with my bike, I also have a universal water bottle cage. You may notice in my pictures that I have a can of wasp spray in my water bottle cage. That is to scare away any stray dogs that may find wander up while we are riding in our neighborhood. I have a not-so-funny story about that which I will share at another time.

I also have a medium sized BVsaddle bag underneath my seat. This bag may seem small, but it holds a lot! If you have a large phone (iPhone 6s Plus) then you will need to purchase the large BV bag if you want your phone to fit inside.


Cycling saddle bag

Inside my BV bag I have:

-lip balm with SPF

-spray on sunscreen (travel size)

-a pair of binoculars

-bug spray (travel size)

-anti-itch spray (if the bug spray doesn’t work)


Cycling saddle bag close up

I also have a light on the handlebars of my bike and a light attached to my saddle bag. These come in handy during the winter when it gets dark at 5:00 pm!

A cell phone mount for my bike is helpful as well. Now we can track our rides on his bike and listen to music on mine. *Always have the volume low enough where you can still hear vehicles coming.

Cycling gloves are needed to help with circulation and grip. A good bike repair kit to keep in the bag in case of an emergency.

Lastly, we purchased a vehicle bike rack for our bikes. We have used it a few times to cycle at some paved trails that are about 25 minutes from our house. This rack holds two bicycles.

Cycling Costs



Here is a break down of my cost for riding a bike.

-$150 bike

-$10 water bottle cage

-$12 medium BV bag

-$24 bike lights (they were $17 when I purchased them in December)

-$14 large bike phone mount

-$7.50 cycling gloves

-$8.80 bike repair kit

-$1 wasp spray

-$35 bike rack for car

-Cost of having a healthy and active lifestyle. . . PRICELESS

With a grand total of $263, don’t think that cycling is out of your budget. You don’t HAVE to purchase a bicycle that costs more than your vehicle to be able to get active and have fun!


Just Do It!

      23 miles of cycling on this day!


If you have been looking for a way to have a more active lifestyle then I HIGHLY suggest cycling. I have never been an “active” person. I played soccer in high school for half a season because I wanted to get a job and make money instead. The most active that I was in college was walking to my classes. Once I started my teaching career, I considered my exercise as walking to the copier and around in circles in my room. (seriously)

The awesome thing about riding your bike is that you can set your own pace. I started out being able to barely finish 1.5 miles. Now I have ridden up to 23 miles in one day before (just since July!)


What riding your bike for 10 minutes can do to your body via The Cycling Bug

Check out my Cycling Board on Pinterest if you need some more reasons to start cycling!


What do you think about budget cycling so far? Is there another activity that you enjoy that keeps you active and healthy? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Cycling for Beginners and Budgeters

    1. You are so welcome! I hadn’t ridden since I was a child, but now I love it! Thanks for the feedback Annalisa! 🙂

  1. We’d love to try cycling with my boyfriend however it’s so expensive here it’s unreal. We were to hire bikes for just a day and it costs about £40 per day per each. How silly is that?! You have some great tips here, will try to implement them in the UK and see how it goes! x

    1. Wow that is crazy! I wish that every area had affordable ways to live an active lifestyle. We would all live longer! Thanks Tereza!

  2. I bought a new bike with some “found” money. It’s lead to so many delightful and unexpected adventures. Like a ride through a trail where all the leaves were changing and all our fellow bikers had smiles on their faces. It’s a great way to see the world from a slightly different perspective. And you’re right–just getting out there is worth it!

    1. You explained cycling perfectly! It’s always an unexpected adventure. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year to ride. Thanks for sharing your experiences with one of my favorite hobbies! 🙂

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